Slokana Log Homes builds log homes in Canada, the U.S.A. and Europe.

Here are pictures of full scribe, handcrafted log homes under construction at our log yard.

Example of full scribe, saddle notch
Picture from the Log Yard
Full Scrbe Log Home

This home was built for a customer in Slovenia using the Scandinavian full scribe method of building. It features the popular Norwegian Saddle Notch, top quality Western Red Cedar logs, and top quality workmanship.

Slovenia house construction
Pictures from Log Yard

This massive Canadian Red Cedar home will be built in Slovenia. It utilizes the character flare of the logs to make an impressive entrance way. Click here to see a larger image.


This beautiful handcrafted log home is being built from old growth Canadian Western Red Cedar. It features massive 46cm logs at mid span.

Slokana Log Homes will be building this home in Ljubljana, Slovenia in Feb/ 2010. To see the latest progress click here.


Even the floor joists of this home under construction for delivery to Ljubljana Slovenia are massive. This quality handcrafted western red cedar home is being constructed with only the finest old growth Canadian Western Red Cedar.

All the logs are hand-peeled, hand-scribed, and hand-sawn. It features diamond notch joinery. For a larger image click here.

Slokana Log Home for Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The following are pictures of quality homes built in Canada.

Log Home with character flares
Log Home Cultus
Log Home Chilliwack Lake
Chilliwack Lake
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