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Slokana Log Homes - Rogla Slovenia

The "Rogla" log cabin was built near the Rogla ski hill in Slovenia.It features 679 sq ft ( 7m x 9m ) on the main floor with an upstairs of approx 500 sq ft for a total of 1109 sq ft.The full basement features a beautiful stone wine cellar and ceiling that have been built using a veryold Slavic method.

Slokana Blockhaus

This log cabin was ordered from Slokana Log Homes in June 2007. The log cabin floor plans and production of this handcrafted Cedar log cabin were completed at our production facilities in Canada, before shipping to Slovenia. It was built on the prepared foundation in October 2007.The re-assembly was complete in 4 days.

Slokana - Rogla

To see the floorplans of the Rogla log cabin...

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Slokana Haus
Slokana - Log Cabin

Slokana log cabin Rogla Slovenija
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