Log Home Building Process Explained

Slokana Log Homes built this custom log home in Slovenia in June 2006.Our architect drew working plans from preliminary drawings provided by his architect. After the plans were approved, the customer started to prepare the building site for their dream home near Celje, Slovenia

Building site in Slovenia (2006)

Log Home building site preparation.

Working plans were sent to the Slovenian Engineer to make sure they complied with Slovenian and European standards and building codes. After completion and approval of all required plans, our customer got permission to build on their chosen location.

Log home design process.

Meanwhile, our log home craftsmen started building this quality log home near Vancouver BC. Production time for this log home was 3 months. It was then transported to Slovenia via cargo ship.

Building of house near Vancouver BC

Slokana Log Homes production picture.

Pictures from building site in Slovenia - September 2006

Slokana Log Homes assembly crew 2006.

The log home re-assembly work is complete in 5 days by the assembly crew.

Log Home shell re-assembly in Slovenia.

A Picture of the roofing crew hard at work.




Picture of the deck with log railings off the master bedroom.


Examples of interior custom log work.


Example of roof bracing for rafter beams.


The roof is now complete. Exterior stain has been applied. This log home is now ready to finish the interior.

Log Home stain after roof has been completed.
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