This feature home was designed for a client in Slovenia that wanted European style and design, with beautiful log accents. The construction is post and beam with the shell made of Canadian western red cedar.

Slokana Log Homes - Type A front view.

The preliminary design process takes 2-3 weeks. Home construction 6-8 weeks, and delivery 4-6 weeks.

We work within our customers planned budget and help you achieve your wants and needs.

Slokana Log Homes - Type A rear view.

As part of the design process, you will be provided with a 3D movie and animation of your dream home. You will be able to visit your home inside and out.

Slokana Log Homes - Type "A" side view.


We designed this home for a customer near Celje, Slovenia. It features large windows to capture not only the sun, but also a panoramic view of the beautiful valley below. This full scribe log home will be in a stunning location.

Slokana Log Homes- Vojnik Ranch

Time to build this type of western red cedar log shell is between 12-16 weeks, with another 4 -6 weeks for shipping to the port of Koper in Slovenia.

Slokana Log Homes- Vojnik Ranch east side.
Slokana Log Homes- Vojnik Ranch west side.

This home was customized for our client from the Malone. It features a wonderful livable plan, within a simple rectangular format. It is transformed by the angles of its prow.

Slokana Log Homes- Vojnik Ranch with deck
Slokana Log Homes- Vojnik Ranch front view.
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